Cleanse Results

I apologize for the delay in writing this post. Last week was a blur of GSD for the wedding. I really meant to write. I put it on my planner several times. But by the time I had finished the other to-dos of the day, my brain was in a complete haze. I am very much looking forward to marrying Steve and embarking on this grand adventure. I am also very much looking forward to getting my normal brain back.

In short, the cleanse worked great. I would highly recommend purchasing this cleanse from Brandless. It’s not extremely pricey–only $15, plus shipping unless your order qualifies for free shipping. It’s simple. You eat real foods. You can still eat at restaurants. You just have to be more mindful of what you’re eating–avoid sugar, alcohol, processed stuff. I’d view it more as a reset at the beginning of a permanent change in the way you eat, as opposed to a short-term, quick fix.

In long form…

I began my cleanse on a Monday because that’s what worked out for my schedule. I had pre-planned a number of quality foods to eat during the week. I typically ate fruit for breakfast, maybe a couple of almonds, maybe a couple of hard boiled egg whites. Lunch and dinner would be a mix of meat, vegetables, and grains. And a ton of water.

The first day I wasn’t sure if it was even doing anything. I was super thirsty and pretty hungry all day. I think I drank about 100oz of water that first day and most days of the cleanse. To be fair, you automatically get in 50oz a day by following the directions of the cleanse. The vitamin C capsules weren’t a problem. I was a little worried about the acacia powder being gross, but that wound up being fine.

By the second day, I could tell it was working. We can leave it at that.

I totally failed on my goal of doing yoga every day. But that was OK. I didn’t want to beat myself up over it. I also didn’t follow a completely clean diet all week. I had some bourbon, I had some wine, but it would only be a glass or two, and that was all I wanted. I had a Cheeto one night, but I didn’t want more. When I found myself eating cleaner, I wanted to keep eating cleaner. I didn’t crave those thoroughly processed foods that just aren’t good for us.

I don’t compulsively weigh myself. I don’t even own a scale. But I’ll hop on the scale at my grandma’s whenever I go over to clean. I lost a couple of pounds on the cleanse. More importantly though, I noticed that I lost some inches or became less bloated or something. I began feeling better in my clothes, as well as in my mind and body.

In the week after doing the cleanse, I’ve eaten less because I just haven’t been hungry. Not 100% sure if that’s cause and effect, but I’ll take it! I’ve relaxed a little bit about what I’ve eaten, but I can tell when I eat something that’s too processed.

I enjoyed the cleanse so much that I’ve ordered another round, which I will start as soon as it gets in.

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