Champagne Thursday, 19 July 2018

Happy Champagne Thursday! 🥂

It’s a little tradition I began when I was younger, inspired by Failure to Launch.

On Champagne Thursday I like to take some time to celebrate. Anything, big or small, serious or ridiculous. It’s a party for myself to acknowledge and celebrate the little things in life, least of which is surviving most of the work week.

It’s been a hell of a week, so I really needed this.

Today I am celebrating:

Good new business contacts

Feeling a sense of direction

Feeling some passion

Developing a routine that serves me

Ceiling fans on low

NYRB Classics

New directions

Ripe peaches in the fruit bowl

Reading on the couch

The sound of (relative) silence

This tradition that has made me smile for nearly a decade

A well-organized notebook

Good pizza

Flirty texts with Steve mid-morning and mid-afternoon

A sense of adventure

Bigger wine glasses

Holly Golightly

Eve Babitz

Seriously, NYRB Classics

Having time

Making time

Party time

Jazzy classics

Jazzy classics with booze

Rituals that serve, not guilt

Red lipstick, pearls, and red nails

Happy Champagne Thursday, Everybody! Cheers!

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