The Journey Begins

Welcome. This is my first post at this space. I know–this is kind of a lame title for a first post, but it’s also kind of true. This blog is about my journey through life, where I’m figuring things out as I go. Hopefully I’ll get better at naming posts.

Anyway. . .

I’ve had other blogs in the past, but they were more fly by night and haphazard than I am wanting this to be. I actually put some money into this one, so hopefully that will propel me forward. Kind of like buying new workout clothes when you join a gym.

A bit about myself. . .

I’m Lori. I’m in my early 30s. I live in northeast Oklahoma in a tiny town about 45 minutes from a city. I live with my boyfriend, Steve. His teenaged daughters stay with us a couple of days each week.

I just finished law school and passed the bar exam. I also have two master’s degrees (history and library science) and two undergraduate degrees (English and history). I’m most proud of the history degrees and the law school.

I’m currently in the process of getting my law practice up and running, but my true passion is writing. Thus, I’m trying to figure out how to make the twin pillars of duty and pleasure co-exist. Steve is very supportive of my writing, so I’m trying to parlay that into something more than just a hobby.

Additionally, I love reading and cooking. I dabble in yoga, though I’m trying to make it more a part of my life. I am a wine enthusiast–cabernet sauvignon, prosecco, and cheap champagne are my go-tos. I also love me a good glass of bourbon or a dirty vodka martini. I love watching baseball. The Yankees are my team. I love traveling with Steve–we’ve been to some great places and I know we’ll go many more.

It would be fair to say that you can expect to see posts about all of the above on this blog. Although, maybe not so much about the lawyer stuff, especially once my practice gets going because it’s not very interesting and privacy/ethical concerns.

You can catch me on social media at:



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